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The History of HandPans: Part 3 

The History of Hand Pans Part Three:  From Felix Rohner to Our Own NovaPans   The modern hand pan, as we know it today, emerged from the experiments of Felix Rohner and colleagues with a variety of instruments, but his business dealings and sales methods have shrouded the hand pan is a kind of mystery […]

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How to take care of Handpans 

Handpan is a melodic musical instrument that is primarily made up of steel. Handpan is inspired by a steel drum from Gatham and Trinidad Tobago from India. A well-made handpan produces gentle and melodious tones. The biggest appeal of this instrument is that anyone can play it. No music knowledge is required to play and […]

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 0.1 / The Touch Technique by NovaPans Handpans 

Learning the handpan should be just like purchasing one, no one should have to spend $100s or $1000s just to do so, at least not to cover the basics! We've created a series of handpan lessons to cover everything you need to know on the handpan starting from your touch technique to all sorts of […]

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 0.2 / The Handpan Scale by NovaPans Handpans 

Unlike most traditional instruments whereby they allow you to play every single note of the piano (all black and white notes from low to high), the handpan can only fit so many notes on it, hence the reason why they are sold in different 'scales'. Scales are very simply put, different arrangements of select notes […]

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 1 / Simplified Handpan Notation by NovaPans Handpans 

There are really two types of musicians; the ones who predominantly play and learn from reading sheet music, and those who play and learn by ear. Those who play by ear are great improvisers such as those who can pick up an instrument and just start playing intuitively.  The handpan is a perfect example of […]

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 2 / Quaver (Half-Beat) Rhythms by NovaPans Handpans 

Rhythms! They might seem a bore, especially if you're practising them slowly (as you should be!) but rest assured, with time and discipline, knowing your solid rhythms will bring the most productivity to your playing. It's easier to show you rather than put it in writing, so watch for yourself on how you can become an […]

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