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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 9 / Chords by NovaPans Handpans 

There's more to the handpan then just playing the notes individually. Some of the best pieces involve playing multiple notes at once or in other words, playing chords! These are much simpler to do than you might expect. Check out the video below!

Handpans Colored

Learning the Handpan: Lesson 10 / Triplet Rhythms by NovaPans Handpans 

Learning the Handpan: Lesson 10 / Triplet Rhythms by NovaPans Handpans

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 11 / Ghost Notes by NovaPans Handpans 

Not all playing on the handpan needs to be heard! Does that sound absurd? It doesn't mean we don't want to hear you, it means that some of your notes need to be intentionally quiet-enough-they-can't-be-heard or in other words, "ghosted". The ghosting technique involves tapping your finger on the note ever so softly that it […]


Learning the Handpan: Lesson 12 / Rewriting the Ding by NovaPans Handpans 

For the whole of the previous eleven tutorials we've been writing the ding note on the very central line of the staves. However, doing this was never entirely "accurate", not at least in terms of pitch (the position of the notes according to high or low they sound when put in order). So, in order […]

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 13 / Dotted Rhythms by NovaPans Handpans 

We've learnt straight rhythms (quavers and semi-quavers) and also triplet rhythms, but we've not yet learnt dotted rhythms. If we were to put some imagery to these rhythms well, a dotted rhythm would probably best be represented by a cantering horse (the kind of long-short rhythm ir short-long rhythm). Check out the video to learn […]

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Learning Handpan Pieces | Sam Maher’s NY Part I 

No doubt, Sam Maher's NY piece is one of the most attention-grabbing out there. Is it because it's so difficult to play? Maybe. When broken down the piece can be learnt by anyone with a basic understanding of rhythm, hand positioning and tempo (timing). It's important you check out our individual classes on learning these […]

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