Handpan 7 Note in G Phrygian Minor


The 7 Note Handpan in G Minor is the smallest and lightest handpan on offer, and for this reason, probably has the closest resemblance of all handpans to a Tongue Drum, without sacrificing the original tones, notes and body shape of an original handpan. Despite only being 3cm smaller in diameter than its handpan siblings, the compact size makes it a lot more efficient to carry, both in and outside of its shoulder bag. The 7 Note Handpan has an incredible resonance thanks to its original handpan height of 24cm and the Gu hole size of 9 cm. Although limited to 7 Notes only, this is plenty for some really great improvisation sessions, especially in the scale of G Minor.


  • Notes: 7
  • Colour: Black or Silver
  • Dimensions: 24 x 54cm (height x diameter)
  • Scale: G Minor Pentatonic / Phrygian scale: (G3), C4, Db4, E4, F4, G4, Ab4.
  • Bag: Soft Case

Tuning aspects:
The G Minor Pentatonic in the Phrygian scale is actually a very intriguing one. In fact, the Phrygian scale on this 7 Note Handpan is altered slightly so that it resembles more that of the Klezmer scale, which draws ties with traditional Hungarian and Gypsy music. The gypsy-like scale really brings the performance to life, alluring to feelings of being outside with nature and on some kind of journey.

The 7 Note Handpan is definitely the best go-to option for anyone wanting a handpan that has a more comfortable size, reduced cost yet still an impressive sound. Despite being competitively subsidised in cost, the 7 Note Handpan in G Minor is perfect for any beginner but also any professional handpan player wanting to explore the intricacies of this very special scale.

Tuning aspects
Tuned to the G Phrygian Minor scale.


All Generation 1 and 4 Handpans come with their own Soft Case (with shoulder straps), and protective cover (for added protection during travel but which can also be used as an additional percussive instrument). If you're interested in getting a Hard Case for your Handpan, see what we have available on our shop here. All Generation 1 handpans come with a Gu hole (for resonance) and nitrided coating for anti-rust.

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Further Information: All notes of the handpan have a beautiful resonance which when played with a little practice, can be tamed in anything from a matter of minutes to less than a week.

Getting the sound at first: Have patience if finding the sweet spot when playing your handpan doesn't come immediately and be reassured that over 500 other NovaPans customers have been empowered through handpan playing and watching our handpan tutorials.
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All Generation 3 and Generation 7 models come with a hardcase, free shipping, and prepaid import charges (if any) to almost all countries (countries OUTSIDE of North America, Europe, Australasia, East and South East Asia should contact us beforehand to confirm).

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 63 × 63 × 30 cm

Silver, Black

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