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We started NovaPans Handpans out of a passion to making and teaching musical instruments. If we’re not busy playing musical instruments, it's because we’re usually busy passionately making them! We didn't get our slogan, The Internet's Best Selection of Handpans, from nothing; we've been making and providing over 500+ different handpans to entry and professional level players globally since 2016. For the latest news on handpans, models, colours, personal requests and future discounts, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Other services we can offer are: collection services in the UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand, as well as handpan teaching services and tutorials. We've a Facebook Page, an Instagram and a Youtube channel with all our latest videos, offers and content.


With over 500 sales and 70 top reviews to our name, NovaPans Handpans have been one of the most well sought-after for handpans since 2016 and have been ever expanding. Our presence on Google has now helped people gain direct access to the handpans which were otherwise being resold for extortionate prices elsewhere online.We're here to bring back accessibility, affordability and delivery of each and as many handpans as possible. Thank you.

Novapans' Mission

Affordable | High Quality | Quick Delivery

I was shocked to discover that Hangs or "Handpans" were sold at such extortionate prices! I looked for alternatives but still, if it wasn't a handpan that was poorly tuned and aesthetically unattractive, it was the standard handpan being sold for upwards of $1,400 - and these were just standard models! My goal was to change that. Now, along with a team of musicians and musical instrument manufacturers based in Europe and Asia, we manufacture and organise affordable, quality and quick-delivery handpans from the UK, the US, Asia and now Australia. The production process involves the team purchasing the relevant raw materials, shaping them to the specific dimensions and sizes of the handpans requested and then tuning the drums. We're incredibly proud of where we've come today."

Why Novapans?

NovaPans Handpans prides itself as having not only the most diverse selection of handpans, but also in the most affordable as well as high quality. In addition to all of the above, we offer a logistics service unmatched by any counterpart, with production and delivery time spanning no more than 2-21 days from the date of purchase. No waiting lists. No inflated pricing. Quality controlled handpans. NovaPans Handpans was setup on the basis of bringing greater accessibility to the handpan, an instrument which has otherwise tried to be hidden by those seeking to exploit the market’s vast demand, and thus entry level handpan buyer naivety. You can trust NovaPans with getting a high quality handpan, within less than 3 weeks, and a return policy and free learning tutorials second to none! Enjoy your handpan experience!

As A Handpan Player

G Major Gen 3 Video 1

I once only listened to these beautiful instruments to relax and transcend from one world to another, but now I play them and can assuredly say that these are by far the most inspiring musical instruments that I have ever played (and I play several different traditional instruments). We now have our little business which helps to promote access to these unearthly instruments and whose profits help continue the development of these handpans.

Written by David, Founder of Novapans

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