Handpan For Sale: Tips To Avoid Buying Fraud 

There are many companies as well as individual crafters involved in making handpans. But it’s always better to rely on a trusted seller to get a good instrument than to get scammed while trying to save your money.   Buying hang drums isn’t something you can do in seconds. Unlike buying a new mug or …

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Beginner’s Guide- How to Find the best Handpan? 

Choosing your first handpan can really be challenging, as there are a lot of things to consider. What type of Instrument do you need? Should you start with cheaper options and then switch to a higher level? Should you start learning to play a professional hang drum from the beginning? Or what scale or size …

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Learning Handpan Pieces | Sam Maher’s NY Part II 

It’s part 2! If you’ve missed the first part of learning Sam Maher’s NY Subway piece then click the link below and get started! Otherwise, carry on! Sam Maher’s NY Handpan Piece – Part I & II

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Learning Handpan Pieces | Sam Maher’s NY Part I 

No doubt, Sam Maher’s NY piece is one of the most attention-grabbing out there. Is it because it’s so difficult to play? Maybe. When broken down the piece can be learnt by anyone with a basic understanding of rhythm, hand positioning and tempo (timing). It’s important you check out our individual classes on learning these …

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How to take care of Handpans 

Handpan is a melodic musical instrument that is primarily made up of steel. Handpan is inspired by a steel drum from Gatham and Trinidad Tobago from India. A well-made handpan produces gentle and melodious tones. The biggest appeal of this instrument is that anyone can play it. No music knowledge is required to play and …

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The History of HandPans: Part 3 

The History of Hand Pans Part Three:  From Felix Rohner to Our Own NovaPans   The modern hand pan, as we know it today, emerged from the experiments of Felix Rohner and colleagues with a variety of instruments, but his business dealings and sales methods have shrouded the hand pan is a kind of mystery …

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