Beginner’s Guide- How to Find the best Handpan?


Choosing your first handpan can really be challenging, as there are a lot of things to consider. What type of Instrument do you need? Should you start with cheaper options and then switch to a higher level? Should you start learning to play a professional hang drum from the beginning? Or what scale or size do you want? All these questions make the process overwhelming.


 But there is nothing to worry about. Our clear guide, on how to choose a handpan will get you through this, and make the process of selecting your very first handpan a piece of cake.


Find a well-built handpan

Before you get into different range to choose the handpan, you need to find an instrument that is well-built and tuned correctly. This is the first step because if your handpan is not built or tuned correctly, then the further steps won’t make any difference in the quality of your Instrument. In general, handpans should be built with octave and compound fifth harmonics tune to each note and must be stable enough to withstand any reasonable playing force.


Choose the scale that you want

When you have found a high-quality instrument, you need to decide the scale, your handpan will be tuned to. Unlike a piano, handpan aren’t chromatic instruments, so choosing the scale is an extremely important and personal decision, as you are the one who will be bound to the limits of it. Commonly the handpans are available in three scales, namely- Major Scale, Natural Minor Scale, and Exotic Scale.

Get detailed information about the types of scale and then choose according to your purpose and taste.


 Choose your Steel

Great, now we have a list of high- quality hang drums and scales we like, it’s time to choose the type of Steel. Well, you might get surprised, but not all the Steels are the same. 

Just like different guitars are made from different woods, handpans can be made from different steels. Each type of Steel has got unique qualities, which makes it distinct from the others. Here are the top 3 steels used for making handpans-

 Nitrided Steel, Raw Steel, and Stainless Steel.

 There is no one true winner of these materials. Each has got different characteristics. So just as before, the best way to find the Steel that suits your taste is to listen to it and watch as many recordings as you can.


Choose the number of notes/layouts

At the last and final step, you need to decide how many notes you want on your Instrument and how you want them laid out. For instance, you want a Kurd scale, so should it have eight fields or 9? Maybe you want an extra mutant note on the talk or perhaps even a few extra notes on the bottom? Should your one circle be in the traditional layout or reverse?

 The best thing is to consult with your handpan builder. They will be able to offer you some insight into the options and suggest what might be the best choice for you.


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