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The History of HandPans: Part 2 

The History of Hand Pans, Part Two:  From Ellie Manette to Felix Rohner   The hand pan that sits in your lap, or that you may be considering buying, has an interesting history, and we at Nova Pans are passionate about the history of music; it’s only right, then, that we pay homage to the …

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The History of HandPans: Part 1 

The History of Hand Pans: Part One   How the Steel Pan Came to Be: A Story of Oppression and Rebellion   Its widely acknowledged that the history of the hand pan is rooted in the steel pan of Trinidad and Tobago, and that the steel pan influenced the makers of the first ‘Hang’ in …

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handpans for sale

About NovaPans 

Our Story   Novapans exists to make high-quality handpans available at affordable prices, and was founded by David while he was studying Music at Kings College, London: ❝I once only listened to these beautiful instruments to relax and transcend from one world to another, but now I play them and can assuredly say that these …

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Novapans handpans-things you need to know about handpand

Things you need to know about HandPans ? 

The handpan is an unusual new sort of enchanting instrument designed in the 21st century. The HandPans lenticular shape resembles a UFO, a wok, or a turtle shell. Part craftsmanship and part instrument, the HandPans is frequently alluded to as a “sound model”. Each handpan is handmade and unique. You can see hammer marks from …

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Handpan Hard Case in Pink & Blue by NovaPans Handpans

The Big Questions on Handpans and Hang Drums 

Every person asks at least a few questions before purchasing a Handpan so here they are.

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4 Steps on How To Choose a Handpan For Myself? (or someone else) 

By using the following few steps, you should be well on your way to picking a handpan which suits your needs to best of your situation

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