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About NovaPans 

Our Story   Novapans exists to make high-quality handpans available at affordable prices, and was founded by David while he was studying Music at Kings College, London: ❝I once only listened to these beautiful instruments to relax and transcend from one world to another, but now I play them and can assuredly say that these […]

How hand pans are different from any other musical instruments 

The handpan and Hang Drum are various names for a firmly related group of moderately youthful instruments. This likewise permits a player to extemporize from a progressively enthusiastic and motor motivation liberated from the psyche. Numerous players utilize these instruments for individual reflection, sound recuperating just as increasingly conventional gathering syntheses. The hint rich instrument […]

Things you need to know about Nova handpans 

To start with, how about we clear up any disarray regarding what a handpan is. Some have called its structure round and hollow, curved, or even UFO-formed. It is produced using two metal sheets which are fixed together so that it will make a full stable chamber. Despite the fact that that is a straightforward […]

handpans for sale

Find out how Listening to Hang Drums can improve your Well-Being? 

Numerous individuals enjoy playing and listening to music that makes them feel inspired. Different kinds of music invoke various sentiments in us: the sound of a harmonica playing on a footpath, the tune of a saxophone playing in the subway station, church bells ringing on a Sunday morning, or the quiet and relaxing sounds of […]

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Things you need to know about HandPans ? 

The handpan is an unusual new sort of enchanting instrument designed in the 21st century. The HandPans lenticular shape resembles a UFO, a wok, or a turtle shell. Part craftsmanship and part instrument, the HandPans is frequently alluded to as a "sound model". Each handpan is handmade and unique. You can see hammer marks from […]

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Sheet Music for Handpans? 

So with the handpan being only 20 years old, very few have composed anything for it. In fact, most players (and makers) have probably never read sheet music in their lives. If that's the case, then how do people learn? Well, just like with all musical instruments at the start of their lives, we learned […]

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