Handpan For Sale: Tips To Avoid Buying Fraud


There are many companies as well as individual crafters involved in making handpans. But it's always better to rely on a trusted seller to get a good instrument than to get scammed while trying to save your money.


Buying hang drums isn't something you can do in seconds. Unlike buying a new mug or a pair of socks, you have to think about what type of handpan you want, saving money, comparing different instruments and brands, and finally reading reviews online. If you have decided to buy a handpan and want to be sure you get a high-quality instrument, you must stay away from fraud. But how to avoid a scam?          


Never buy a second-hand drum

 You might think buying a used handpan is an excellent way to get the same sound for a reasonable price. But with a used handpan, there is little chance for you to get a really good sound. After all, who would like to sell such a good handpan at such a low price? Well, no one will. Of course, there are some good options at various sites, but they are extremely hard to distinguish.

There is a chance of defect in the handpan that you will find only after you have paid the money. And the worst part, you won't be able to return the drum. In addition to this, handpans requires tuning from time to time. There is a chance that you will get an instrument that is completely untuned for which you will waste your time and money sprucing it up.          


Stay away from discount announcements

There is no big deal to find cheap handpans for sale. In no time can you find countless announcements on Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy about the instruments ranging for $1000, $700, or the original Hang from PANArt for $200 only.

But before you push the button to take the offer, keep this in mind; you will be scammed here faster than a bullet. The offer might excite you at first, but you need to stay away, or else you will end up spending all your hard-earned money on a bucket with a horrible sound that can make your ears bleed.


Choose a trusted producer

There are many companies and individual crafters selling handpans. While you search around for hand punch, you will come across various brands' handpan for sale. It is always a good idea to rely on a trusted seller to get your instrument.

But how to find a trusted seller? For this, you need to check the website first. You will find all the details about the company, the production process, shopping, the scales, and shipping conditions.

Get in touch with the brand. A good handpan producer will always provide you with all the detailed information also help you choose the right instrument according to your taste and purpose.


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