The Big Questions on Handpans and Hang Drums

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Every person asks at least a few questions before purchasing a Handpan so here they are:

How much are Handpans?
Handpans range between the prices, as of 2019, $700 to $2000+. It wasn't long ago that looking for a handpan would cost you in excess of $2000 and you'll still see resellers attempting to sell their handpans in excess of $1600 purely for profit.

What is a Handpan?
A handpan is the name of the instrument used to describe the evolution of the Hang Drum, an idiophone musical instrument (one which uses the vibration of its surface material that isn't strings or a membrane to make its sound).

Where does the Handpan originate from?
The Handpan, or Hang Drum, was invented in Switzerland in the year 2000 by a Swiss couple who first coined the term. Their company and Hang Drums were names PANArt.

What is a metal drum called?
The metal drum which looks like a UFO or a cooking wok is probably the Handpan, otherwise known as the Hang Drum you're thinking.

Where are Hang Drums from?
They used to only be from Switzerland where they were invented. Now you find there are manufacturers from almost all continents.

What instrument does Hang Massive play?
It's not only a Hang Drum, but a 9 Note Handpan in D (Celtic) Minor which they are playing.

Who invented hang drums?
A Swiss couple in Switzerland by the names of Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer.

How does a hang drum work?
By inducing pressure on the notes of the handpan you are able to produce tones, sounds like you would playing a steel pan drum.

What is a hang drum made of?
Different manufacturers use different metals but many claim to use stainless steel.

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However, there are some basic entry-level techniques which can really help accelerate the learning curve for development.

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By using the following few steps, you should be well on your way to picking a handpan which suits your needs to best of your situation

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