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Handpan is a melodic musical instrument that is primarily made up of steel. Handpan is inspired by a steel drum from Gatham and Trinidad Tobago from India. A well-made handpan produces gentle and melodious tones. The biggest appeal of this instrument is that anyone can play it. No music knowledge is required to play and enjoy a handpan, just a music sense and little knowledge will be appropriate to play it expressively. Handpan is not only an instrument, but they also motivate, heal, and bring peace to people in today’s stressful lives.
Handpan is also known by a number of different names like hang drum, Cupola, Pantam, Sound Sculpture, UFO drums, etc. today the interests are growing globally for handpan because of its ethereal and captivating sound. These instruments are rare and handcrafted and do not have mass production in factories. The making of this instrument takes hundreds of hours and thousands of hammers.
If you care for your handpan properly it will keep on looking good for a long time. The maintenance of the handpan is classified into 3 areas which are cleansing, protecting, and treating it against rust.
It is the most important step to follow; keeping the surface clean and dry will help to preserve its finish. Get into a habit of wiping down your hands and handpan with a soft and dry cloth prefer microfiber. Sweat from our hands can deposit salt on the surface which can accelerate the formation of rust. Always dry your hand before playing a handpan.
Use isopropyl alcohol, surgical spirit, or ethanol and dilute it with water. Wipe it softly with the solution, if the wipe down isn’t enough put a splash of the alcohol onto a soft cloth and give a thorough clean to your handpan. Press firmly on stubborn smudges.

To protect your handpan from rust, always keep it at a clean and dry place, store it out of the case. Pay attention if you live in a humid environment. You can also use oil to prevent it from rust, but consult the maker before applying oil to it. Moreover, the handpan is heat-treated in a process which is known as nitriding. This process helps the handpan to fight against rust, but it does not make them rustproof. The surface of the heat-treated can make the steel very porous. This process makes the nitride handpan to be more rust-resistant over others.

Remove rust
Don’t worry if the rust appears on your handpan. Rust will not affect the sound quality of your handpan. Clean your handpan with a microfiber cloth all over the surface, inside and out. If it is a bigger rust spot, miracle cloth helps you to remove, you will be left with a plain silver finish wherever the cloth will be used. Get rid of rust as soon as possible as if it will start to spread once it will spoil the handpan totally. You can use organic oil or oils which have been developed specifically for handbags to keep them in good and amazing conditions.

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