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Handpan Hard Cases


A Handpan Hard Case is the ideal solution for any long-distance trip or trek with your handpan. Ignore the bumps and knocks you would otherwise be able sceptical of when using a Soft Case. Light-weight, compact and protective for even those treks! Some Airlines do allow them to be taken on as carry-on but please note that these first-generation hard cases have not yet been properly tested as check-in baggage. In other words, don’t take the risk (yet)!

On another note, it may be better worth your $ purchasing one of our Generation 2, Generation 3, Generation 5 or Generation 7 Handpans, both of which include one of these hard cases at no additional cost. In other words, you get a free $200 handpan hard case!


Preorders will have their handpan hard cases shipped/delivered within 3 weeks of purchasing (giving us time to find the best shipping method available to make it viable in terms of cost).

All handpans need a proper case if you’re planning to travel. NovaPans Handpans Hard Cases were made to protect handpans during travelling on flights, car journeys or other forms of public transport. We made a case which shields the handpan on both top and bottom sides so even the slightest knocks don’t break a sweat. Note that high drops will potentially cause damage. Hang tight for our generation 2 Hard Cases if you’re looking for what would actually be called, a ‘Flight Case’ (est. November 2020).

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You may see further photos and practical uses of the cases on our NovaPans Handpans Facebook (click here)

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 63 × 63 × 30 cm


Handpan Case Color

Black, Blue (if available)

NovaPans Handpans