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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 3 /¬†Dynamics by NovaPans Handpans 

Along with learning rhythms from the previous tutorial, there are numerous other ways to expand the range of expression on your handpan. One of those is called dynamics or layman terms, "volume". By just demonstrating a difference between playing quietly and playing loud, you can transform your music into two completely different genres; two completely […]

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 4 / Accents by NovaPans Handpans 

Accents! If you're still playing notes, all of the same duration and intensity, then you're not yet making use of accents (not at least intentionally!). Accents are a means of making individual notes sound more interesting by playing them with a little extra force than other notes. By doing this, you allow certain notes to […]

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 5 / Semiquaver (1/4 Beat) Rhythms by NovaPans Handpans 

Learning semi-quaver (1/4) rhythms, a follow-up from Lesson 2 Quaver (1/2) beat rhythms!    

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 6 / Harmonics & Pitch Bends by NovaPans Handpans 

Did you know that there's a lot more to the handpan than just the notes you can play? Like on the guitar whereby pressing one finger ever so gently in one position of the note while striking the note with the other you end up creating a super high note, the same can be done […]

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 7 / Percussive Slaps by NovaPans Handpans 

Notice how we left some spaces open on the musical staves? Well that's because they'll be used for percussive slaps / taks / taps / clicks or whatever else people are calling them. What's important is you know that a percussive "hit" is when you tap the flat part of your finger on the empty […]

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Learning the Handpan: Lesson 8 / Walking the Hands by NovaPans Handpans 

Who knows Hang Massive? Who doesn't!? Well, from their most famous track, "Once Again", which we've all seen on Youtube, there's a particular accompaniment on one of the handpans which we automatically associate with the Hang Massive now that every time we hear it. We call it "Walking the Hands" and quick and simple technique […]

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